The truth of the matter is that cars are made to be used, generally on a fairly regular basis. However, in life, there are times that arise when we are not driving our car for quite some time. Perhaps when someone goes away to school, plans for major surgery, or even takes an extended vacation, a vehicle may sit idle for weeks if not months or more. Some people like to keep antique cars for years and may not think it’s necessary to check up on them. So what is the proper way to care for an automobile left in this situation?

What to Consider

It is important to consider where you should store your car. If you will not be driving for a while, there are many localities that will not allow you to leave it parked in a public spot for an extended period. You should also consider the amount of damage that any extreme weather your location is prone to may cause to the exterior. Not to mention, if you store the vehicle outdoors, it could become home to any number of furry friends or even insects!

When you do not drive your car on a regular basis, one thing that will occur is that the battery will lose charge. It is best if you know that you will not be using your car for a while to go ahead and disconnect the cables from the battery terminal, as this will extend the life and charge of your battery.

Your car’s tires will also lose pressure at a pretty surprising rate. If it is possible to drive the car around the block a few times a week, this will prevent the problem. Otherwise, it may be best to put the car up on blocks if you know it will not be in use at all for an extended period.

How Long Can a Car Just Sit There?

Depending on exactly how long it has been since a car has been driven it is also possible that the fluids may have gone stale or evaporated in some cases. You will need to refresh all of the fluids before you drive again after an extended absence. Plugs and seals may also have dried, weathered or even cracked, so they will all need to be checked.

The vehicle may start fine, but once you drive it a little while and put pressure on old or weathered seals, they could easily crack or break leaving you in a bad position and even doing damage to the vehicle itself.

It is important to understand that some things in your vehicle should be checked every so often to make sure that the vehicle is safe and in good working order. Many recommendations are based on mileage because they assume that the car or truck is driven under basically normal circumstances. So, just because you have not driven a vehicle in a long time, the mileage may not reflect the need for a particular service, but your vehicle will still actually need it.

Make an Appointment

It is imperative that if you have not driven your vehicle for an extended period of time that you do have it checked out by a professional mechanic to make sure that it is safe and in proper working order.

If your vehicle is due to be serviced, make an appointment with Spectra Auto Services and get everything checked out. Our reputation speaks for itself and we won’t let you down.